Infinite Sky is back online!

POSTED 21/09/2015
Server back online and information regarding compensation, patch notes etc.
Greetings fellow warriors, We are proud to announce that the server is back online. As some of you may already know our previous host provided a terrible service so we were forced to change to a better host.
Fortunately we were able to retrieve the files from our old host and transfer those files to our new host.
We are glad we did not have to use a rollback, and we hope we never have to.

Manual Patching

Having problems updating your game with our launcher?
The launcher updated but when game is loaded no server bars?
Click here to download AnrinchUpdater.exe (Update Package 1.3)

Run preferably as Administrator!

Outdated image of the updater, it should say 1.3 in the title & version build on its description. Other than that, it's the same application procedures

Server Information

The server is located in Europe, Netherlands should be able to provide you all with an excellent gameplay. Server rates:
  • Character EXP: 2.0X
  • Drop: 3.0X
NOTE: Because of the lost day the current rates that are set up will be untill the 27th of September 2015.

After the event is over rates will go back to:
  • Character EXP: 1.5X
  • Drop: 2.0X

Patch notes (21st of September 2015)

  • Guild ranks have been changed (Requirements remain the same).
    • Level 1: Team Leader
    • Level 2: Squad Leader
    • Level 3: Brigade Leader and Branch Mangers
    • Level 4: Guild Master and School Leaders
    • Level 5: Guild Leader and Assistant Guild Leaders
  • Blood Clear & Summon Scroll icons have been changed to the original aeria icons.
  • We have added translation improvements.
  • Beoho Spawns have been adjusted
We would also like to inform that we will be hosting events once we are certain our server is stable. We will also improve our game portal and forums in the near future. As you have noticed the announcements are now on the homepage instead of the forums, we will keep it that way so keep an eye on our homepage. NOTE: Game Sages are normal players, although they have [GS] before their name , they have no advantages over other players. With this being said, all players can send us feedback (bug reports & suggestions) via the Game Sages.
If you have a question or a doubt that you want it to be clarified, you can ask our Game Sages as well. Item mall overhaul and donation page will be available in the near future
Exchange rates & further information will be available on the donation page.

Game Download & Account Registration

[Click here to download the game](
Click here to create an account

Thank you for your patience and understanding, Anrinch Entertainment


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