Patchnotes 23/03/2016

POSTED 23/03/2016
A clear overview of what has been done during the test server.
Hello fellow warriors! Too make a clear overview of what has been done during the test server has been online a list of patchnotes has been made: Patchnotes: - Added Ranged Guards to all Shields (Yanggok formation remains default). - Added Antidupe to our server (now isnt possible to dupe or hijack accounts anymore). - Added new DLL to the client. - Fixed all faction stats. - Added Damaged Box, and Battle Gem, you can craft the Battle Box at herbmaster. - Damaged Box and Battle Gems added to PVP drops. - Added Drop to the Battle Box, included CT and some skills. - Removed CP cost from Transcending Charm and rised price to 9.500.000 silver coins. - Removed Liquor Shots from Gambler due to drink glitch (Will be back once its fixed properly). - Moved Fujin Gambler to the left a little so players dont enter in Transcending Charm. - Faction Leader Cash cant be withdrawn anymore. - Added Fujin and Jinong Guild Flags and Recruit Flags (Guanyin Flags arent ready yet). - Deleted Buddha effect and Skull smoke to make it match with updated pet patch. - Modified 1880 item levels to fix the combine glitch with uniques. - Luck gear max level is now m31 (M33 gear downgraded to m31). - Added a new building to yongu, between Tailor and Yellow Gate Master. - Added a new NPC to yongu building, this NPC is for future Refine system. - To prevent M33 Antique glitch, the new yongu npc will sell best m31 luck gear. - Removed all christmas boxes and ribbons from monsters. - Added Gift Box (Wargo Cave Box) to the monster drops. - Gift Box had 5% chance of giving material, we upgraded it to 20%. - Modified Gift Box opening level from 70-89 to 1-145. - Translation Added for Colgu Ticket monsters. - Fixed issues with translations in game. - Added new interface translation and fixed lot of messed button hovers (More need to be fixed). - Heavenly Repulsion has been nerfed to 5%. - Characters can now be deleted until 112 instead of 99. - Guild Insignias are working properly (You need to open ports/disable firewall/router firewall or antivirus firewall to be able to upload). - Gift feature added to lady gayon (2 uses per account). - Fixed Stone clickable box, now its easy to click people inside it because the box heigth decreased by 80%. - Added new translations to pets, pointing that the new pets and old pets are the same. - Fixed Two Tails clickable box, it had boss click box making impossible to walk around when too many of them was near the character. - Fixed the ctrl+click function to use elixers, they arent usable anymore. Patchnotes that can be reverted with vanilla content: - Added Pet patch. (Info Here.) - Added new Stones models. (Info Here.) - Made new Stone models have the same clickable box as old stones. Temporal Patchnotes: - For 2 days , you will have a free Stat Reset option at elder, so you can fix your stats.

NOTE: Everything remains as is before we closed server.

New Client is needed.


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