Weekly Update June 13th

POSTED 13/06/2017

Weekly Update June 13

Hello Warriors,This update is the most important one you’ll read for the next little while, as it will be the last “official” update we give until later in the year.We have decided to pull the focus from this server for the next 6months and put it all towards the development and launch of Infinitesky coming early 2018. What does this mean for you?Well, we debated closing the server or keeping it open. We decided to keep it open for those of you that love playing daily and are okay knowing nothing will be coming during our push for InfiniteSky. There is a possibility that smaller updates could happen, but they are to not be expected. (some were in the works prior to this meeting today so potentially could still be applied) Why now? With the drop in the community, the schedules of all involved, we all agreed that now is the time to really focus on bringing a stable, working client, that has the ability to provide more updates than the current. Infinite will also be more secure and long term.What will happen to our accounts when InfiniteSky comes?Great question and of course, more information as we get closer to our launch will come but we fully plan on transferring all your hard work over to our new server! Will there still be support during the next 6 months?Rayla will continue to be in charge of answering tickets daily during the down time. Maps being brought up, server restarts, will still continue. Also all Gs’s and Cm’s will remain and they will be given items to keep in game faction events continuing so not a major impact/difference to you, the player, during this time other than the knowledge that there will be no updates being done until we move over to the new server.Will there be advertising before the launch of InfiniteSky to draw new players?Yes!! We will be doing mailings via email, facebook ads, and of course events on social media to share our news of launch and get a chance at gifts in game!Will there be updates weekly anymore?No. There will be nothing to update on this server so weekly updates will not happen. Rayla will provide progress updates on InfiniteSky as they are ready to be shared but no set deadlines for updates so as they come, they will be shared so just continue to check back from time to time. We truly appreciate the loyalty you have all given over the past few years with us and hope you understand that this decision has your best interests in mind for the long term goals we have for this community and game! Launching InfiniteSky means a LOT for what players have been asking for, wishing we had, and suggesting we get. All ideas will be valued and taken into consideration during the next 6 months. Keep an eye out for threads asking key things that we need the communities input on to host the best server out there come early 2018! We look forward to years to come and once again, thank you for your patience during this time!AE Staff

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